Running a Simulation
Ready, Set, Simulate!

Ready, Set, Simulate!

In Simulation Studio, you can monitor the performance of your model during the inferencing process. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments to improve the model's accuracy. It's a critical step in the development and optimization of machine learning models.

The possibilities with are endless. You can effortlessly modify input values, switch between various view modes, and immediately see the results of your changes. This flexibility makes it an invaluable tool for refining and perfecting machine learning models. All you have to do is modify the values or select from the dropdown in the “View” section of the simulation (located on top left) and click on “Simulate” to see the modified simulation!

Various View Modes available in Simulation Studio

Figure 1.: Various view modes available in Simulation Studio.

Simulation Studio allows you to dissect the simulation outputs in different ways. You can toggle the slicing functionality from the right menu by clicking on any axis name.

Slice through the simulation domain

Figure 2.: Slice through the simulation domain.

Slicing functionality can also be combined with any type of View mode (point cloud, vector fields, etc.). At the same time, you can toggle multiple slicing planes in x/y/z axis .

Multiple slices can be combined for any type of visualization type (point cloud, vector field, etc.).

Figure 3.: Multiple slices can be combined for any type of visualization type (point cloud, vector field, etc.).

If you're working with velocity in your simulations, it's possible to animate even the steady-state simulation output by selecting "Vector fields - phase flow" from View Mode selector in the left menu:

Video 1.: Example of car aerodynamics study in Simulation Studio (this particular simulation is actually steady-state, the rendering mode is "faking" the animation -- transient simulations will be supported soon in v1.0).

In summary, Simulation Studio offers a powerful and intuitive platform to streamline the development and tuning of AI powered physics solutions. With its user-friendly interface, flexible viewing options, and real-time performance monitoring, you can take your models from concept to completion swiftly and efficiently. We encourage you to explore the platform, leverage its features, and experience the revolutionary impact it can have on your simulation projects.