Siml.ai is a software platform for AI-based numerical simulation, providing a set of tools to easily create, train and deploy powerful high-performance AI-based physics simulators (also called surrogate models). It automates access to powerful GPU-based cloud servers and AI inferencing pipelines.

Siml.ai Model Engineer is a no-code / low-code tool for visually creating and optimizing physics simulators (e.g. for simulating fluid flows, multiphase flows, mechanical deformation, solid-fluid interaction and so on) using deep learning techniques. Its aimed to make the process of building such simulators simple, visual and understandable through a powerful visual editor.

Siml.ai Simulation Studio provides a 3D interface for high-fidelity, interactive visualizations of numerical simulations. It is used for solving engineering and scientific problems leveraging pre-trained and optimized models of AI-based physics simulators. Since the simulations are computed by inferring these models, the time it takes to compute one timestep even of highly irregular simulation domain is in seconds or possibly milliseconds, resulting in near-real-time simulation and visualization of physical phenomena

Public Siml.ai product roadmap is accessible here (opens in a new tab).